Winter Park Historic Businesses


Winter Park Historic Businesses

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Langford Hotel
This is a postcard showing the Langford Hotel as it looked when it opened. When it opened in 1956 it was Central Florida's premiere resort hotel. The Langford Hotel was located in downtown Winter Park and was convenient to shopping, the golf…

Leedy's Postcard
An undated Winter Park postcard showing "Leedy's Around The Corner" store.

Card's Optician's In Store Sign
A playful sign on display in the original Card's Optician's, Inc. on State Highway 17-92.

Card's Opticians, Inc. Storefront
A photograph of the current storefront for Card's Optician's, Inc., a local Winter Park Business.

Seminole Hotel Brochure
An advertisement brochure for both the Seminole Hotel and the town of Winter Park.

Bob Miller
Bob Miller standing in front of Miller's Hardware in the 1960s

Ben Franklin Five and Dime
Miller's Ben Franklin 5 and 10 Store Park Ave, Winter Park Florida 1940 - 1944

Miller's Hardware
Miller's Hardware storefront in 1946

Cake Bake Contest
Miller's Hardware Cake Bake Contest 1954. Sponsored by Miller's Hardware and Westinghouse, a household appliance company. Winners were: Mrs. Rufus Johnson, Mrs. E.N. Janson, Mrs. R.H. Lawson, Felix Cowart, Miss Martha Elizabeth Smith, and Mrs. C.N.…

Miller's Hardware
Miller's Hardware Storefront circa 1962. Sign above main marquis reads "The Women's Hardware Store".

Miller's Hardware
Miller's Hardware original location in October of 1952

Miller's Hardware
Miller's Hardware current location back entrance.

Leedy's Store
Photograph of the storefront of the R.F. Leedy Co. a local department store.

Leedy's Store - 1950s
Leedy's Clothing storefront ca. 1950s.

Leedy's Storefront ca. 1965
Leedy's storefront in 1965.

Leedy's Display Window ca. 1965
Close up picture of Leedy's Storefront at the beginning of the school year in 1965 and decorated with oranges.

Leedy's Around the Corner Storefront ca. 1970s
The storefront of Leedy's Around the Corner during the 1970s with a runner.

Leedy's Around the Corner Storefront from Central Park
The storefront of Leedy's Around the Corner during the 1970s as seen from Central Park on the corner of Lyman Avenue and Park Avenue.

Leedy's Store Ad
An ad listed in a local newspaper
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