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Eulalie Osgood Grover
Eulalie Osgood Grover, a local children's author, was probably best known as the creator of a series of reading primers for young readers centered around the characters known as the "Sunbonnet Babies." Miss Grover was born June 22, 1873, in…

Sunbonnet Babies in Italy dedication page
Eulalie Osgood Grover signed the dedication page in the copy of the Sunbonnet Babies in Italy, which is housed in Winter Park History and Archives.

Sunbonnet Babies Primer Title Page
This is the title page from The Sunbonnet Babies' Primer, which was published in 1902 by Rand McNally and Company.

Sunbonnet Babies ABC Book
The Sunbonnet Babies' books were all created to be instructive and used in the classroom. In the back of each book was a word list to assist the teachers in picking out key words and phrases.

'D' page from the Sunbonnet Babies ABC Book
In this example from Sunbonnet Babies ABC Book, you see an example of the educational text and illustration Miss Grover developed to be used as a teaching aid
Also note that in the photograph above of Miss Grover, she is reading the very page…

The Overall Boys Book Cover
This is the book cover of the The Overall Boys, which was published in 1905. The Overall Boys was written after Miss Grover received many requests from boys and their mothers to include boy characters in her Sunbonnet Babies' primers.

The Overall Boys page 7
In this page from The Overall Boys, Jack, Joe, Tim and Ted are introduced to young readers. Though drawn by the same artist, Bertha L. Corbett, unlike their little girl counterparts, their faces are shown.

The Pansy Books
Copy of The Pansy Books, written by Isabell Alden. 

The Alden house
The Alden house, located on the NE corner of Lyman & Interlachen Avenue.

The Alden house
The Alden house, located on the NE corner of Lyman & Interlachen Avenue.

Pansy's Sunday Book
A book of poetry written by Pansy Alden. Library copy inscribed: "Harry Wood, From his Sabbath School teacher, M. Loula Lide. Dec. 26, 1886."
Due to fragile condition, Library's copy is shelved with boxed materials under author's name

"The Pansy" Front Cover
Front cover of an issue of the children's magazine that was edited by Isabella Alden and her husband from 1873 to 1896.

Charolotte Moughton Bruneohler
Appointed as Head Librarian in 1948, Charlotte Moughton was Winter Park’s first professional librarian.

Charlotte Moughton Brunoehler with Library Patrons
Left to right: Robert Miller Jr., Francis Jackson,
Dr. Oswald Delgado, Mary Wattles, Charlotte Moughton Brunoehler
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