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Winter Park Library Archive

Marjory Bartlett Sanger

Ornithologist • Author • Lecturer

Born February 11th, 1920, Marjory Bartlett Sanger was a native of Baltimore. She spent her summers vacationing with her family along Maryland's eastern shoreline, and in Nova Scotia, where she visited her grandfather every summer. It was at these two locations where she first learned to love and appreciate birds.

A graduate of Wellesley College in Massachusetts, Marjory became a professional ornithologist because of her passion for birds. She traveled extensively, taking part in numerous birding expeditions. As a professional ornithologist, she joined the following associations: The Royal Society for the Preservation of Birds, The Scottish Ornithologists' Club, and The American Ornithologist Union.

Marjory specialized in herons, focusing on their habits and habitats. In fact, some of her research on herons was cited in a published encyclopedia of birds. She later penned World of the Great White Heron.

Marjory was a resident of Winter Park for more than twenty years. She was active in the Audubon Society and she helped found the Writer's Conference at Rollins College.

Some of her other passions included: fishing, sailing, cuisine, opera, the arts, needlepoint, books, and numerous friends.

She died on May 18th,1998 . . . at the age of 78.

The Winter Park History & Archives Collection includes seven of Ms. Sanger's books and biographical file on her life.

This article was written by former archivist, Barbara White, MLIS.