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Winter Park Library Archive

H&M Construction Co., Inc.

The H & M Construction Co., Inc did business in Winter Park from the late 1950's to the early 1960's. It is listed in the 1963 Polk's Orlando Winter Park City Directory. The business was located at 2020 West Fairbanks Avenue and Henry M. Huffman was the company's president, James S. Huffman the vice-president and Chester C. Tomlin was secretary-treasurer.

There is no biographical information in the archives about James S. and Henry M. Huffman. Chester C. Tomlin, according to an article photocopied from The Sun Herald dated April 27, 1972, was the Florida Home Builders Association president. Mr. Tomlin was born in Athens, Georgia and graduated from Georgia Tech. He came to Orlando and married the former Glenda Ling. They had four children: Todd, Perry, Chuck and Donna. At the time the article was written, Mr. Tomlin was the head of Tomlin's Realty, president of Quail Hollow Investments, Inc.; Quail Hollow Construction, Inc. and the Grasshopper Development Co. He was also an active member of Orlando-Winter Park Board of Realtors, the Home Builders Association of Mid Florida and the Georgia Tech National Advisory Board.

The following information is written on the back of a postcard in our archival collection:

Florida Custom Built Homes
H & M Construction Co., Inc.
Phone MI 4-3442
2020 West Fairbanks Winter Park, Florida

"This is one of the many custom designed and built home we have to offer. Price $14,800.00, $500.00 Down, $88.00 monthly payment including taxes and insurance. Features include 3 bedrooms, living, dining and two full tile baths, Marble Patios, Marble Window Sills, 10 x 20 Swimming Pool and Lot 80 x 145 completely landscaped."
Examples of these homes still exist off of Aloma Avenue between Balfour Drive and Ellendale Road. The homes in the photographs below have their original diamond-paned windows, backward "Z" shutters and two of the homes still have an original door with the cross trim on the lower half.

This article was written by former archivist, Barbara White, MLIS.