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Pioneer Store

The building (102 Park Ave) that first housed the Pioneer Store was the third building built in Winter Park. It was built in the summer of 1882 by Oliver Chapman and Loring Chase and leased to John Ergood and Robert White, Jr. The two men opened a general merchandise store called it the "Pioneer Store", also known as Ergood's Store, in September of 1882. The building was a two-story wooden structure, 30 x 65 feet, with a multi-purpose second story serving as a post office, town hall, school and church.

The following is from an advertisement published in the Winter Park Brochure in 1888: "Pioneer Store, corner of East Park Avenue and the Boulevard, Winter Park, Orange County, Fl. A.H. Paul (successor to J.R. Ergood), dealer in general merchandise, including choice family groceries, dry goods, clothing, hats and caps, boots and shoes, crockery and glassware, tinware, woodware, furniture, hay, grass, fertilizer, and ice."

In 1896 A.H. Paul sold the "Pioneer Store" to Andrew MacCallum, who a year later, 1897, sold it to William Schultz, Jr.

Mr. Schultz moved the "Pioneer Store" in 1900 to the White Building at the corner of Park and Welbourne Avenue. When William E. Schultz died in 1907, the store was inherited by his three sons; Lee, Arthur, and Walter. Arthur and Walter ran the Pioneer Store until 1913. Walter sold his interest to Arthur with the exception of the shoes and men's department, which he kept to open his own store called the "Men's Store". Walter Schultz built a two-story building to house his "Men's Store, located at 202 Park Avenue. (Later the location of R.C. Baker Men's Store and Leedy's).

In 1921 Arthur Schultz sold the "Pioneer Store" to Girard Denning. In 1926 the "Pioneer Store" ran ads in rhymes. Below is an example of one of these ads which was written by Adam Brown Hunter:

The world is full of music
If your heart is full of song,
And you'll have but little worry
Except when in the wrong.
If you want to keep on singing,
Enjoy life still more,
And save a lot of money,
Trade at the PIONEER STORE!

In July of 1929 the store was moved to 230 South Park Avenue, next door to the Sanitary Market". Girard Denning continued to operate the "Pioneer Store" until 1935. In the Winter Park Herald of October 18, 1935, it was reported that Roy Hough owner and operator of the "Sanitary Market" purchased the Pioneer Store and combined them to form Hough's Food Store.

Claire MacDowell writes in the Chronological History of Winter Park that Roy Hough operated Hough's Food Store until the mid- 1940's.

This article was written by former archivist, Barbara White, MLIS.