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Winter Park Library Archive

Taylor's Pharmacy

Founded in 1948, this business serves Winter Park to this day

Taylor's Pharmacy was founded by William J. Taylor and, according to an article in the Winter Park Herald, was opened in October 1948 in the Ramsey Building. The Ramsey Building was located on the corner of Park Avenue and the Boulevard, now Morse Blvd., and dates back to 1882. Oliver Chapman and Loring Chase, founders of Winter Park, built a two-story wooden building, 30 X 65 feet, and leased it to John Ergood and Robert White, Jr. The two men opened a general merchandise store called The Pioneer Store, also known as Ergood's Store. The second floor served as the post office, town hall, school and church.

In 1900 William Schultz, Jr., who had purchased the Pioneer Store in 1897, moved the Pioneer Store to the White Building at the corner of Park and Welbourne Avenues.

At this time, Emmet L. Maxson established Maxson's Drug Store in the building formerly occupied by the Pioneer Store located at Park and the Boulevard, now Morse Blvd. This was the building Chapman and Chase had built in 1882.

In 1908 Dr. J.A. Trovillion purchased the building from the Maxson Estate. Dr. Trovillion installed a modern soda fountain, rewired the building hiding the wiring under a decorative metal ceiling. He continued the business as Trovillion Drug Store until 1914 when he sold his interests to Vernon Estes of Orlando.

Estes soon sold to Ben Freer who operated the business as Freer's Drug Store until 1919 when he incorporated under the name of the 'Winter Park Pharmacy'. In 1920 Dr. Roland F. Hotard bought the 'Winter Park Pharmacy' and sold it in 1925.

From 1925 to 1948 the building was occupied by various businesses including a shoe store, a jewelry store, a law office, and doctor's office.

In 1948, William J. Taylor opened Taylor's Pharmacy and operated his business at this location until 1987 when it moved to 230 N. Park Avenue.

This article was written by former archivist, Barbara White, MLIS.