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Winter Park Library Archive

Ward Home

The Ward Cottage at 621 Osceola Avenue was built for the Rev. Charles W. Ward, who presided over the first Episcopal church service in Winter Park in April 1883. He purchased his lot from Chapman and Chase a month later. Unfortunately, his wife Katherine died in 1884. Ward sold his property the following year to Alonzo Rollins and moved to New Jersey, where he eventually committed suicide. After Rollins College opened in November 1885, the Ward Cottage served as the first women's dormitory until the completion of Pinehurst, a women's dormitory on campus, in March 1886.

The house, constructed of pine and cypress, was surrounded by orange groves and had open porches. It was known by various names, such as "Seminole Cottage," due to its proximity to the old Seminole Hotel, and "The Camphors," because of the large, shady trees nearby.

This article was written by former archivist, Barbara White, MLIS.