Across the Tracks: A Collective History of Black Churches of Winter Park

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Across the Tracks: A Collective History of Black Churches of Winter Park


In 2003, Dr. Rebekah McCloud was the recipient of the Dr. Rhea Marsh and Dorothy Lockhart Smith Winter Park History Research Grant. This grant is made possible by a bequest by the estate of Dr. Smith. It is a product of a joint venture of the Winter Park Public Library and the Olin Library at Rollins College. Together, we award a research grant to further the study of Winter Park history. Dr. McCloud’s topic was a survey of the histories of the churches that were the bedrock of the Black community of Winter Park's West-Side.

Dr. Rebekah McCloud, a retired educator/administrator, was an elementary school principal, a middle and high school teacher, and served in a variety of administrative positions at the University of Central Florida. Dr. McCloud has earned several college degrees: a B.A. in Communications and Journalism, a M. Ed. Degree in Educational Leadership, a M.S. degree in Business Management, and an Ed.D. Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.


Dr. Rebekah McCloud, Ed. D.




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